Massimo Silvano Galli
 Still Life With Dying
an Art Project with the Medical Faculty of the University of Milan
Still Life With Dying” ideally continues, in a sort of diptych on the healing powers of art, the discourse began with "Still Life With Teenager” previously made with the artist Michele Stasi. Here we are reversing the point of view of that initial reflection, that was an opening to the vitality of puberty and its ability to animate the inanimate, to deal, now, with its apparent opposite: death, the end that all living bodies are meeting and which is not, paradoxically, less vital, because it also conceals the opportunity of a regeneration; sure: to an un-known-where and in the un-known-what, but just as certainly, with the same need to be cared of a teenager who tries its uncertain future, and with the same need to be taken towards that borde,r where we all will land and, above all, to accompany ourselves during that indeterminable time that precedes death, so to make way to an education for a genuine “Ars Morendi.
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