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Christopher Pelley: Painter - New York (USA).

Wang Xin DuChristopher Pelley grew up in a small town among the rolling green hills of the northeastern United States. He attended Syracuse University, then moved to the desert of the American southwest to finish his education at Arizona State University, where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts. After spending years "out west" in the desert heat, Pelley returned to the east coast of the United States to New York City to live among the skyscrapers. Currently he divides his time between New York, and Rome, Italy.

Travel has always been important to Christopher. Journeys have included the interior of Mexico, hop-scotching across Europe, the Sahara desert of North Africa, India from the Himalayas, through the Ganges plain to the tropical south, and recently a month in Beijing. All these visuals have all left traces on his work.

Wang Xin DuChristopher's work has been described as "Richly painted and abundant with metaphoric imagery" by Julie Sasse, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Tucson Museum of Art (Tucson, Arizona, USA). His work has been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and Denver, Rome, Budapest and Beijing. His work is in the collections of the Mint Museum in Charlotte, North Carolina (USA), and the Austin Museum of Art in Austin Texas (USA) among other notable collections.

Currently Christopher is working on a series of temporary street installations in Rome, and will be returning to China to do an artist's residency in HangZhou in September.

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